E47P0: Business Applications Project Lead-Senior

Job Description

Company: FedEx Express EU
Job Requisition Number: RC200792
Scorpius 132 - 150
Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Time Type: Full Time
Scheduled weekly Hours: 40
Worker Type: Temporary
Posting Date: 04-November-2019
Closing Date: 30-November-2019
Job Family: FXE-EU: Business Applications Project Lead

Position Summary:

Business & IT knowledge - Develops/ maintains understanding of the general concepts relating to current and emerging IT methodologies, technologies and standards and how they are/can be applied within FedEx (divisional and corporate level). Develops/maintains an in depth understanding of the requirements and inter-dependencies of the key processes within the FedEx business, and their relevance to the delivery of the business goals. Uses structured processes to capture and share knowledge with relevant areas. Includes guiding and coaching less experienced peers
Development of concepts - Participates in the process to evaluate and define the most complex business/IT concepts. Focuses on developing a thorough understanding of the concept, advising on innovative and realistic solution based on requirements, technology and constraints. Involves research and benchmarking of options available within FedEx and through vendors. Produces a statement of work accurately capturing the proposed solution and presents to the manager. Develops and presents the proposed solution and supporting rationale, secures approval to progress the project
Defining business requirements- Facilitates the critical and detailed process to develop accurate and realistic business requirements for the most complex situations. Focuses on defining robust solutions that will meet the evolving business needs and be compliant with the IT strategic direction. Researches/provides guidance to the user group on alternatives possible, or modifications needed to optimize the quality and/or timing of the proposed solution. Guides and/or drafts the actual requirements ensuring they contain sufficient level of detail, prior to final validation and sign off by the business.
Solutions development - Leads the process to translate the business requirements into an effective IT solution (software specifications, architecture, interfaces etc). Includes identifying project members, providing briefings, conducting ongoing reviews of progress, and facilitating the resolution of questions and/or issues. Interfaces with the business and IT to provide/review status updates and obtain clarification as needed. 
 Finalizing the IT plan - Leads the process o develop an IT plan which accurately captures required elements (what will be delivered, timelines, resources etc) taking into account business priorities. Involves the use of appropriate modelling tools  Presents and explains the plan to the decision-makers and agreeing alternative approaches to be evaluated
Testing - Ensures effective testing of solutions. Defines the testing phase of the project, which involves aligning with other IT groups to determine effective test plans/testing environment. Aligns with business users to determine which elements of the business process need to be validated. Monitors progress to ensure any issues encountered are prioritized and resolved. Secures sign off. 
Business continuity - Supports the business in achieving business continuity for critical processes. Leads the process to define and gain approval for effective service level agreements that incorporate realistic parameters (response times, support structure, availability, escalation etc). These are customized to the needs of each specific project.  Uses appropriate tools to monitor and report on compliance levels. Determines the cause of diverse types of compliance issues and assigns to the appropriate area/s for resolution.

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Our Company

FedEx Express is one of the world's largest express transportation companies and has consistently been selected as one of the top 10 World’s Most Admired Companies by "Fortune" magazine. Every day FedEx delivers for its customers with transportation and business solutions, serving more than 220 countries and territories around the globe. We can serve this global network due to our outstanding team of FedEx team members, who are tasked with making every FedEx experience outstanding.

Our Philosophy

The People-Service-Profit philosophy (P-S-P) describes the principles that govern every FedEx decision, policy or activity. FedEx takes care of our people; they, in turn, deliver the impeccable service demanded by our customers, who reward us with the profitability necessary to secure our future. The essential element in making the People-Service-Profit philosophy such a positive force for the company is where we close the circle, and return these profits back into the business, and invest back in our people. Our success in the industry is attributed to our people. Through our P-S-P philosophy, we have a work environment that encourages team members to be innovative in delivering the highest possible quality of service to our customers. We care for their well-being, and value their contributions to the company.

Our Culture

Our culture is important for many reasons, and we intentionally bring it to life through our behaviors, actions and activities in every part of the world. The FedEx culture and values have been a cornerstone of our success and growth since we began in the early 1970’s. While other companies can copy our systems, infrastructure and processes, our culture makes us unique and is often a differentiating factor as we compete and grow in today’s global marketplace.