Continuous Learning and Development Project Lead

Descrizione posizione lavorativa

Azienda: FedEx Express EU
Numero di domanda di lavoro: RC225800
Vliegveld 117 B
Steenokkerzeel, Belgio

Ore settimanali programmate: 38
Tipo di lavoratore: Regular
Data pubblicazione: 12-February-2020
Data di chiusura: 01-March-2020
Famiglia di lavoro: FXE-EU: IT Strategic Project Lead

Riepilogo posizione:


Strategic Project Lead - Sr Project Specialist

Focus domain: Field/Hub IT Training_Knowledge Manager function

General Summary:
This position will be part of the Field/HUB IT Leadership team in Europe.  It will report direct to the VP Field IT to guarantee impact.

The focus of this role is “People and Knowledge” in the broad sense – how do we make sure our own staff is trained in the required hard and softskills but also how do we make sure our customers gather the required knowledge to master the tools and systems do to their job.
When we think about our internal staff and the process/changes they need to go through, we want to make sure a training path, a human growth path is designed that is in line with the strategy, that we know where each of our staff sits on this path with current knowledge and that we make a plan to get them to where we need them to be. So the job gets involved in all aspects of this task – be that the budgeting, creating the plan, execution of the plan, creating trainings or even giving trainings.  The function will also be involved in amongst others:  finding the right tools to provide training or to keep knowledge up-to-date, moderate chat rooms, access existing skills, create training plans, create calibration exercises, develop and take tests of skills, developing the recruitment documents to make sure we get the right people in the right jobs, to make sure knowledge is logged into systems (knowledge db) and is kept up-to-date, to develop mentoring program, to develop programs to get knowledge into the heads of our staff or vendors but also to get it out of their heads so we can share the knowledge, to develop and provide KPI’s so we can see how we are tracking against the set targets etc.  not just for IC but also for the management teams.
At the same time, we want to play a vital role in the success of our business partners.  For some operational roles, there are specific training departments.  But some of the IT material is too often handed over to our end users with much material or too much with ‘do-it-yourself’.  As a good business partner, we want to think more on how to provide the right level of detail, training, knowledge to our end users so they can be successful in their work.  This may include amongst others the creation of small videos, knowledge databases for end users, chat rooms, create easy to use SharePoint sites, ticker trackers, digital signage communication, create helpdesks etc.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent; Master/MBA/advanced degree and multilingual preferred.  The ideal candidate is a leader with a proven track record in global training and knowledge management, collaboration, project/process/program management and improvement, QDM or Lean expertise.  He/She loves the human brain and how he gains knowledge, perhaps like to keep it when insecure and knows how to extract it, share it in IT or with our internal customers.  He preferably already has a background in training, knowledge database management, knows the tools to use.
We are not looking for a sideline consultant but for a do-er attitude who is willing to help in the trenches.  Strong communication skills, business and team partner experience.  Experience and awareness of Express and/or TNT financial operational processes are a benefit.  Travel required (incl. air)
Essential Duties/Responsibilities: Amongst others but not limited to:
• Be the Human Growth stimulator, internal the department or for our business users
• Keeps our department of 300 to 650 IC’s knowledge wise on track versus our strategy
• Creates training plans, KPI’s, (self) assessment tools and follows them up
• Develop training or calibration process where required, train other staff if needed
• Interface with internal training departments, communications, legal and workers council might be required
• Is a team player and driver to success – can work independently
• Train and mentor others were required
• Optimize knowledge Field/Hub IT teams across multiple countries in Europe,
• Drive improved efficiency of Field/Hub teams
• Develop executive level presentations and coordinate reviews/meetings to ensure alignment between IT plans and Business needs.
• Drive Quality Driven Management through the organization by identifying metrics, performance standards and holding team accountable to use tools and method necessary to facilitate executive level decision making.
• Manage and optimize resources to meet SG&A targets and operational needs; manage vendors to increase value return of our spending.
• Support compliance with relevant laws and FedEx regulations/policies/InfoSec standards.


linguaggio: English: Reading, Comprehension, Speaking, Writing
French (Europe): Comprehension, Writing, Speaking, Reading
Dutch: Speaking, Reading, Comprehension, Writing
Esperienza lavorativa: International: Multi-Country Experience

La filosofia alla base di FedEx pone i dipendenti al primo posto, un concetto che l’azienda prende molto seriamente. Siamo un datore di lavoro che opera nel rispetto delle pari opportunità e siamo aperti a una forza lavoro varia e inclusiva a cui offriamo opportunità di crescita senza alcuna discriminazione.

La nostra azienda

FedEx Express è una delle più grandi aziende di trasporto espresso al mondo e la rivista “Fortune” ci ha inserito tra le 10 aziende più ammirate al mondo. FedEx offre ogni giorno ai propri clienti soluzioni di trasporto e commerciali, servendo oltre 220 paesi e regioni in tutto il mondo. Possiamo usufruire di una simile rete globale grazie alla nostra eccezionale squadra di dipendenti, impegnati ad offrire l’eccellenza in ogni esperienza con FedEx.

La nostra filosofiay

La nostra filosofia P-S-P (People-Service-Profit) incarna i principi alla base di ogni decisione, norma o attività FedEx. FedEx si prende cura dei propri dipendenti e loro, di contro, offrono un servizio impeccabile necessario ai nostri clienti, che a loro volta ci premiano con la redditività necessaria a garantire il nostro futuro. L’elemento essenziale della forza propulsiva della nostra filosofia P-S-P è il suo essere un circolo chiuso, con i profitti riversati nell’azienda e investiti nel nostro personale.

Il nostro successo nel settore è il successo dei nostri dipendenti. Grazie alla nostra filosofia P-S-P creiamo un ambiente di lavoro che incoraggia i membri del team ad essere innovativi nel raggiungere la massima qualità possibile nei servizi offerti ai nostri clienti. Abbiamo a cuore il loro benessere e apprezziamo il loro contributo alla nostra azienda.

La nostra filosofia

Il nostro successo nel settore è il successo dei nostri dipendenti. Grazie alla nostra filosofia P-S-P creiamo un ambiente di lavoro che incoraggia i membri del team ad essere innovativi nel raggiungere la massima qualità possibile nei servizi offerti ai nostri clienti. Abbiamo a cuore il loro benessere e apprezziamo il loro contributo alla nostra azienda.