CN124A: Associate Accountant/FSC/CN124B: Accountant/FSC


职务名称: FedEx Express APAC
Job Title: CN124A: Associate Accountant/FSC/CN124B: Accountant/FSC
职务申请 ID: RC99552
Seocho-gu, 上海 China

类别: Finance
职务类型: Regular

To perform and accomplished level of duties in applying the principles of Accounting and Finance in the installation and maintenance of accounting systems and records for the Division and to support in continuous efforts to enhance service level, quality, productivity, accuracy and timeliness of financial services offered by the Financial Services centre. The Financial Services Centre (FSC) concept has been identified by our global management team as our Best-in-Class strategy to reinvent Finance and manage transaction processing activities on an APAC wide basis. The APAC FSC reports up to the APAC Finance Organization and Worldwide Financial Services Organization.

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Finance or Accounting (or local equivalent i.e. ACCA/CIMA). CPA qualification preferred.
Experience: One to Three(1-3) years of accounting related experience , specifically in the development and implementation of accounting principles and procedures. Experience in working with cross cultural teams is essential.


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