Pricing Analyst


公司: FedEx Logistics APAC
Job Title: Pricing Analyst
职位申请 ID: RC144274
Unit 801, Metroplaza Tower 1
Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

职位类型: Regular
职位系列: FTN: Pricing Professional

To develop and recommend the implementation of special pricing programs and to develop analysis and recommendations for the region's pricing programs with the objective of ensuring effective implementation and to support Corporate growth and initiatives

·  PRICING PROPOSAL – Provide and recommend pricing proposal for our logistics product in all Asia Pacific countries; ensure all customer agreements adhere to pricing policies and process; evaluate and recommend exceptions to pricing policies in order to minimize company's risk exposure and ensure compliance to pricing Policies and Process.

• PRICING DATABASE MANAGEMENT – Develop and maintain the pricing database for all products; maintain airlines freight charges, surcharges and other operational charges

• REPORTING - Develop necessary management reports to monitor the revenue performance

• SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT - Provide requirement and recommendation for Pricing or related system development or enhancement; design related pricing process and guidelines; ensure system implementation

• PRICING PROCESS & PRICING PROGRAM – Recommend, develop and implement pricing process and programs to support Corporate growth and initiatives.

• REPORTING - Develop necessary management reports to monitor the revenue performance

• INTERNAL RELATIONS - Act as a liaison with other Revenue Management teams to ensure interdepartmental coordination; communicate changes in the pricing program with other departments; provide input on problem situations and program enhancements to ensure resolutions in order to keep internal functional departments informed to take actions as appropriate and to provide effective support for APAC pricing programs.

• Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in Business, Quantitative Analysis, or related field.

Experience & knowledge:
• Four (4) years experience in pricing and RFQ, sales, finance or marketing, preferably with freight forwarding industry knowledge.
• Proficiency in Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint.
• Good knowledge of analytical tools.

• Good command of English and Chinese.


FedEx Logistics 提供全球范围内的电子商务、货运代理、进出口服务。通过提供综合国际海运和空运代理、地面运输和分拨、报关代理、贸易和报关咨询服务,以及先进的电子商务和贸易便利化解决方案,我们帮助各种规模的客户解决全球运输货物的复杂问题。


员工 - 服务 - 利润。我们在意我们的员工,所以员工能够提供完美的服务给我们的顾客,由此顾客给予联邦快递足以成长的利润。我们在同业中的成功源自于员工。透过员工 - 服务 - 利润的哲学,我们拥有鼓励员工创新的工作环境,以提供顾客尽所能最高质量的服务。





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