Station Handler

Job Description

Company: FedEx Express EU
Job Requisition Number: RC174377
Nautilusweg 18
Utrecht, Netherlands

Time Type: Part Time
Scheduled weekly Hours: 36
Worker Type: Regular
Posting Date: 13-August-2019
Closing Date: 13-September-2019
Job Family: FXE-EU: Station Handler

Position Summary:

FedEx Job Description
Issued and controlled by International OD . Any changes this document must be approved by International OD. Page 1 of 3
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Handler - Lead
FUNCTION Network & Hubs; Operations; Sales
Air Network, Road Network, Hub Operations, Storage, Fashion & Solutions, Hub & Transport
Operations, Ground Operations, Hub & Gateway Operations, Logistics, Hub & Linehaul Operations,
Special Services
REPORTS TO Can report to Supervisor or above
CENTRAL JOB CODE To be assigned
JOB LEVELS Position in family will impact accountabilities such that Associate levels may complete
some tasks under guidance and may have responsibility for less complex tasks. Lead or
senior levels of these positions may:
• Handle escalated or more complex issues,
• Coordinate team activities or those of agency contract staff,
• Support supervisor or manager activities,
• Support the design, review and implementation of processes and procedures.
TYPE DESCRIPTION Handler: Involves handling packages within an operation including manual handling, sort activities,
screening and completing any related administration or paperwork.
Ramp/ Air Operations (P&P and Audits), Hub Operations, Handling, Handling (Ground Ops),
Aircraft Handling, Safe Onloading & Offloading of Vehicles & ULDs, Scanning & Sorting of Packages,
Supporting Administration as Required, Security Screening as Required, General Logistics, Payment
Industry Services Logistics, Ancillary Services
OTHER DUTIES May be required to perform other duties as assigned
GEOGRAPHIC REMIT Can be up to Activities in/ around single Location (Station, Customer Site, Hub, Gateway
Works Alongside Vendors
Plans and organizes own work on hourly / daily basis
Follows predefined procedures or processes
INTERNAL CONTACTS Regular interaction with First Line Management
Occasional interaction with Senior Management
EXTERNAL CONTACTS Occasional interaction with Suppliers and Vendors
Limited interaction with Government agencies/ authorities, Trade Associations or similar
EXPERIENCE Little or none (0-1 year)
SKILLS Accuracy & Attention to Detail, Planning & Organizing Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Team Working
Language: Proficiency in English, Certification/ Permit: Certifications in Use of Specialized
Equipment/ or Subject Knowledge, Certification/ Permit: Certification to Operate X-ray Security
Equipment, License: to Operate Forklift Vehicle
All levels in the job family require the eMPR process to be completed. Lead levels require the
approval of local HR as part of the eMPR process.
PREPARED BY (OD): Name/Employee ID:
Central OD (Provisional version)
FedEx Job Description
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ISO 9001 controlled document: Hard copies of this document may not be the latest issue. If used in the course of your work please check for the current version.
JOB PURPOSE Responsible for the completion of specific operational activities at station or hub locations which may
include sort activities, driving and location based tracking and reporting.
Completes the volume of work on tasks that is expected based on schedules, deadlines or standards.
Performs at or above the required rate in order to follow a schedule or meet a deadline as
demonstrated by department metrics or audits.
ADMINISTRATION Ensures all paperwork and reporting requirements (either online or manual) are complete, accurate
and timely. Uses defined tools to perform scanning, recording and transferring of data as required.
Adheres to standard, policies and procedures including health & safety, dangerous goods, driving
requirements and aviation security and aircraft handling regulations as required. Ensures awareness of
updates and changes to procedures and regulations.
SAFETY AT WORK Safely performs operational duties including loading and unloading, and driving duties, in line with
standard company procedures and legal requirements.
ALIGNMENTS Works closely within team to ensure optimum flow of operational processes to required timelines.
Limited contact with customers or external personnel.
Customer Focus: Goes the extra mile to delight internal and external customers
Acts with internal and external customers in mind
Builds relationships through effective communication
Identifies customers’ needs and expectations
Takes ownership and resolves customer issues proactively
Responds to customer needs promptly and professionally
Quality Focus: Makes Quality the driving force every day
Uses best practices to highlight opportunities and develop solutions
Ensures attention to detail and accuracy
Monitors for problems and issues
Implements corrective actions
Contributes and adapts to continuous process improvement
Results Focus: Does ‘whatever it takes’ to meet goals & deliver results
Takes ownership of goals and stays focused
Works around typical problems and obstacles to accomplish tasks & goals
Monitors progress to ensure that deadlines are met and objectives achieved
Achieves results by using resources (e.g. time, budget, supplies, etc.) as expected and
within budget.
Ensures completion of tasks on time and with high quality
Team Focus: is a positive and effective team member
Works in partnership with others to accomplish goals and tasks
Engages in effective, two-way communication, welcoming and utilising input from
Is considerate, professional and behaves with dignity and respect to others
Recognizes consequences of own actions and decisions on others
Cooperates and collaborates with others across departments, inside and outside own
of organization
FedEx Job Description
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ISO 9001 controlled document: Hard copies of this document may not be the latest issue. If used in the course of your work please check for the current version.
Process Focus: Maintains high standards and seeks to continuously improve
Follows predefined processes
Applies techniques to define processes, as required
Coordinates and monitors progress at each stage of a process
Adapts in response to adjustments in processes
Recommends modifications to continuously improve efficiency
Change focus: Embraces change as a positive force
Maintains an open mind in times of change
Demonstrates tolerance for uncertainty
Adapts quickly to new ideas
Actively supports implementation of new business requirements
Encourages acceptance of change within team

FedEx was built on a philosophy that puts people first, one we take seriously. We are an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce in which we provide growth opportunities for all

Our Company

FedEx Express is one of the world's largest express transportation companies and has consistently been selected as one of the top 10 World’s Most Admired Companies by "Fortune" magazine. Every day FedEx delivers for its customers with transportation and business solutions, serving more than 220 countries and territories around the globe. We can serve this global network due to our outstanding team of FedEx team members, who are tasked with making every FedEx experience outstanding.

Our Philosophy

The People-Service-Profit philosophy (P-S-P) describes the principles that govern every FedEx decision, policy or activity. FedEx takes care of our people; they, in turn, deliver the impeccable service demanded by our customers, who reward us with the profitability necessary to secure our future. The essential element in making the People-Service-Profit philosophy such a positive force for the company is where we close the circle, and return these profits back into the business, and invest back in our people. Our success in the industry is attributed to our people. Through our P-S-P philosophy, we have a work environment that encourages team members to be innovative in delivering the highest possible quality of service to our customers. We care for their well-being, and value their contributions to the company.

Our Culture

Our culture is important for many reasons, and we intentionally bring it to life through our behaviors, actions and activities in every part of the world. The FedEx culture and values have been a cornerstone of our success and growth since we began in the early 1970’s. While other companies can copy our systems, infrastructure and processes, our culture makes us unique and is often a differentiating factor as we compete and grow in today’s global marketplace.