Finance & Operations Analyst


会社: FedEx Logistics APAC
Job Title: Finance & Operations Analyst
職務補充依頼 ID: RC187765
Unit 801, Metroplaza Tower 1
Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

職務タイプ: Regular
職務系列: FTN: Accounting/Finance Professional

• To review, consolidate, compile & analyze management reports, KPI measurements & statistics reports for both Air & Ocean services. • To receive & review data from APAC RSPs for both Air & Ocean services. To consolidate, compile & analyze management reports, KPI measurements & statistics reports. • To address issues identified from report analyzed to responsible department manager(s) for proper corrective action. • To monitor and generate weekly WAR SQI reports, to distribute and address issues to field operations. • Assist operations in identifying and resolving SAS related issues. • To assist and involve in developing, monitoring, measuring and enforcing APAC regional SQI metrics • To prepare monthly WAR SQI meeting presentation • Other ad-hoc duties as assigned.

Job Responsibilities:-

  • Review data extract from MARS to ensure correct and complete data for reporting purposes
  • Monitor and review data received from RSPs to ensure correct and complete data for reporting purposes
  • Consolidate and manipulate data for upload to ACCESS data base
  • Generate and distribute monthly reports per schedule
  • Analyze reports data and address issues identified to responsible department manager(s)
  • Manage daily air tonnage and weekly ocean volume reports
  • Manage monthly client specific reports
  • Support special report requests from management
  • Generate WAR SQI reports weekly
  • Review, identify and recap offices below target by product
  • Distribute recap and report to field operations and address below target performers
  • Assist operations in identifying and resolving SAS related issues
  • Attend meetings and calls for SQI metrics development, monitoring, measurement and enforcement
  • Gather monthly SQI data and prepare monthly SQI presentation for WAR SQI meeting
  • Financial Reports
  • Customer P&L
  • Projects analysis
  • Ad hoc reports


  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent

Experience & knowledge:
  • Five (5) years professional experience in international transportation coordinating air and ocean transportation operations
  • With Finance background preferred
  • Excellent Microsoft skills – Access, Excel, Powerpoint

  • Self discipline and self motivated
  • Mature, independent and experienced
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Proactive, detail-oriented, organized, team spirit
  • Strong basic management, human relations and communication skills
  • Fluent in English, Mandarin and local Languages


FedEx Logisticsは、企業が世界中の市場に参入できるようにする電子商取引、貨物輸送、輸出入サービスを提供しています。 彼らは、包括的な国際海上および航空貨物輸送、地上輸送および流通、関税仲介、貿易および税関諮問サービス、高度な電子商取引および貿易円滑化ソリューションを提供することにより、あらゆる規模の顧客が商品を世界的に輸送する複雑さを解決するのを助けます。







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