VNC006: Import Clerk Ocean


公司: FedEx Logistics APAC
Job Title: VNC006: Import Clerk Ocean
职位申请 ID: RC193503
Unit 1104 + 05, Floor 11, Hado Airport Building
Tân Binh District, 越南

职位类型: Regular
职位系列: FTN: Operations Support

• To handle day-to-day import shipment arrangement and documentation collection, preparation and distribution. • Communicate with consignees, overseas counter party, sales team for shipment handling. • Contact Carriers, Trucking companies, Custom Broker and warehouse for import shipment processing. • Execute shipment handling accordingly to the company guideline as well as Customer specific SOP. • Entre and Update Operation and specific system requirement within time frame allowed. • Billing and close job effectively and timely. • Maintain good relationship with customers and local agents.

• Follow standard operating procedures established by management
• Receive pre-alert docs. from overseas office/agents and open the file for the new shipment.
• Key in shipment information into e-trans system accurately and timely update the information in the system.
• Send arrival notice to the consignee and provide accurate/timely shipment information to customers and venders.
• Contact overseas agents/office, get proper instruction for shpt arrangement and keep overseas office/client updated with shipment status.
• Maintain close liaison with co-loader, shipping line and custom broker for shipment update status, custom clearance and freight delivery.
• Prepare price quotation for the local charges to the shipper according to company standard quotation sheet.
• Correct billings and issue debit/credit note for customers and overseas offices/agents.
• Prepare job cost sheet for each file
• Researching and resolving operational problems if any.
• Other duties as assigned to the position

• College or above.
• Maritime, international Trading, Business Administration subject is preferred.

Experience & knowledge:
• At least 2 years clerical experience.
• Experience in the freight forwarding industry is required.
• Familiar with Microsoft office software and PC skills.
• Good command of English, Mandarin & local language.
• Well grasp and clearly know the whole ocean import process
• Knows supplier conditions , deliver terms and purchasing conditions
• Knows risk and insurance terms
• Familiar with and able to work with the company ‘s quality and environmental policies

• Detail oriented
• Detail oriented.
• Customer Service Oriented.
• Good communication skills.
• Strong sense of responsibility.
• Self discipline and honesty.
• Team player.
• Willing to learn and improve and lift up oneself with better standard.


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