Senior Account Executive


公司: FedEx Logistics APAC
Job Title: Senior Account Executive
職務申請 ID: RC197254
10/F, Ben Ben Mansion
Shanghai, 中国

職務類型: Regular
職系: FTN: Sales Sales

• To identify and develop customer relationships and perform an accomplished level of sales responsibilities with the objective to build the customer base, achieve revenue targets and ensure customer satisfaction.

• SALES PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES - Identify and develop customer relationships which offer high revenue potential; respond to sales leads and contact customers in a timely manner; present FedEx features of service to customers; recommend and sell appropriate solutions; implement pricing programs in order to achieve revenues targets and to maximize customer satisfaction. To meet individual quarterly targets set by the Regional Management for local business.

• SALES PLANNING & ANALYSIS - Collect and analyze market pricing data; determine individual tactics in order to ensure strong market penetration, account development and yield enhancement.

• QUALITY MANAGEMENT - Collect and provide customer feedback on service for future service enhancement and new product development in order to enhance service standard and to maximize customer satisfaction.

• SALES COMMUNICATIONS - Meet regularly with operations and related departments, both local and overseas, to resolve customer issues in order to enhance customer satisfaction and to ensure that annual revenue goals are achieved.

• COLLABORATION WITHIN GROUP – working closely with sales team in FedEx Express to jointly visit customer and propose solution on logistics need.

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Experience & knowledge:
• Above 5 years relevant experience in the freight forwarding industry. Familiar with both air freight and ocean freight will be preferred.
• Fluency in English and Mandarin.
• Business knowledge

• Professionalism & Customer orientation.
• Team player.
• Continuous learning, improvement and innovation.


FedEx Logistics提供全球範圍內的電子商務、貨運代理、進出口服務。通過提供綜合國際海運和空運代理、地面運輸和派送、報關代理、貿易和報關諮詢服務,以及先進的電子商務和貿易便利化解決方案,我們幫助各種規模的客戶解決全球運輸貨物的複雜問題。


員工 - 服務 - 利潤。我們在意我們的員工,所以員工能夠提供完美的服務給我們的顧客,由此顧客給予聯邦快遞足以成長的利潤。我們在同業中的成功源自於員工。透過員工 - 服務 - 利潤的哲學,我們擁有鼓勵員工創新的工作環境,以提供顧客盡所能最高質量的服務。





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