Coordinator, Air Operations


会社: FedEx Logistics APAC
Job Title: Coordinator, Air Operations
職務補充依頼 ID: RC210114
21st Floor, VCCI Tower
Dong Da District, ベトナム

職務タイプ: Regular
職務系列: FTN: Operations Support

• Preparing all required documents and attach to the pouch accompany with the consignment, contact with shipper to arrange the shipment, enter data into eTrans system.

Follows and executes handling procedures established by the management.
• Prepares consolidation, airway bills, bills of lading and any other documentation deemed necessary to complete an export transaction.  Distributes documents to the appropriate parties in a timely manner to ensure smooth flow of export cargo.
Inputs data into the system to create file, shippers export declaration transmission, invoice to client and shipment track and trace update.
Verifies the correctness and adequacy of documents provided by shipper.
Assists in tracing and following up cargo to airport to ensure prompt delivery of freight.
Assisting in Air import shipments from the pre-alert receiving, communicating with vendor, with customers till completion of job in system.
Performing costing for both air export & import in the system.
Other duties as assigned to the position.

College or above, certificate or diploma studies in Logistics or related subjects.

Experience & knowledge:
Minimum two (2) years logistics/freight forwarding experience..
Good communication of written and spoken English & local language.
Must have PC experience and ability to prepare documentation quickly and accurately.

Loyalty and integrity.
Hardworking, able to work independently.
Team work skill.
Good communication skills.
Ability to work under high pressure.


FedEx Logisticsは、企業が世界中の市場に参入できるようにする電子商取引、貨物輸送、輸出入サービスを提供しています。 彼らは、包括的な国際海上および航空貨物輸送、地上輸送および流通、関税仲介、貿易および税関諮問サービス、高度な電子商取引および貿易円滑化ソリューションを提供することにより、あらゆる規模の顧客が商品を世界的に輸送する複雑さを解決するのを助けます。







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