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KR0568: Properties & Real Estate Specialist (Base, Senior)


职务名称: FedEx Express APAC
Job Title: KR0568: Properties & Real Estate Specialist (Base, Senior)
职务申请 ID: RC250105
Seoul, 韩国

类别: Planning & Eng.
职务类型: Regular
发布结束日期: 2020-06-01

Below listed are this position's responsibilities, currently we need full-time job for this position considering the significance of ICN project for next 3 years. ICN project investment is Capital USD 29 Million, Rental Expense USD 91 Million for next 15 years. With IIAC - Checking construction progress monthly - Reviewing all drawings and specifications related with IIAC requests depending in IIAC construction progress - Negotiation with IIAC for construction material selections - Leading government approval process for Fedex scope of works. With Internal Stakeholders - ICN project PM - Align with PE, IT and Security dept and lead the project as an internal project PM - Check details of interface between sort system and building, and bridge Sort, Ops and PE request to IIAC - Later even the travel freeze released, cross-country manpower utilization will be limited due to language variance in dealing with IIAC. Managing Property vendors - IPRE will need to hire around 10 vendors for Fedex own LHI - Cold Storage, Warehouse LHI, Operation Equipment, Office Interior, Furniture and etc. - Vendor selection process such as prepare RFP, bidding, Encore contract approval process, contract execution process and etc.

Bachelor’s degree in architecture, engineering, or construction

Minimum Three - Ten 3-10 years experience in architecture, engineering and construction

This open position is opened to 2 levels (Base, Senior)
Properties & Real Estate Specialist
Properties & Real Estate Specialist-Senior

○ Qualifications and Licences
Language: Must be fluent in Korean and proficiency in English

Preferred to possess Mega Scale of Facility Project Management Experience
Fluent Korean and English are mandatory


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