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Senior Administrative Coordinator

Kwai Fong, Hong Kong


Requisition ID: POSTING-3-69511
公司: FedEx Trade Networks APAC
Job Title: Senior Administrative Coordinator
职位申请 ID: RC85140
Unit 801, Metroplaza Tower 1
Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

职位类型: Regular
职位系列: FTN: Administrative Support Support

Job Description Summary

  •  To perform administrative functions and other related professional support activities for FedEx Trade Networks Hong Kong.
  •  To perform administrative functions and other related professional support activities for local management.


  • ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT – To perform administrative functions that require knowledge of general business and office procedures including but not limited to: maintaining follow-up files, assembling materials for reports and composing letters; maintain adequate level of required office supplies and maintain up-to-date technical and/or administrative manuals; compose memos/letters for item such as equipment repairs, unit schedules, etc.; take action authorized during Managing Directors absence and take initiative and judgement to ensure that matters requiring attention are referred to delegated individual or handled in a manner that minimize effect of employee’s absence; ensure all approval and signature requests are properly addressed in order to relieve supervisor of administrative details and address needs in the most appropriate manner.
  • REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT – To manage all facility related issues including but not limited to leasing agreement renewal, real estate research / evaluation / relocation etc.,  furniture and fixtures purchases / set up arrangement, space management, facility maintenance, dealing with building management etc.
  • LOCAL MANAGEMENT SUPPORT – coordinate arrangements for Regional Managers, General Managers & Senior Managers on business travel, seminars etc. in order to ensure that supervisor’s agenda and itineraries are efficient and effective.
  • INTERNAL RELATIONS – Receive, date stamps and distribute department mail in order to ensure information is directed to the appropriate teams.
  • EXTERNAL RELATIONS – Receive and escort visitors in a courteous and positive manner; process, coordinate and follow up with vendor accounting on bills received for payment in order to maintain FedEx’s public image.  Primary back up for front desk during receptionist absence such as vacation, sick leave, personal day off and/or when the receptionist is away from the front desk.


44 working hours per week. Normal working hour Monday to Friday 8AM to 5:48PM

  • F.7 or above, Diploma in Secretarial/Business Administration

Experience & knowledge:
  • 5 years relevant working experience, preferably in large multi-national organization.
  • Good communication & interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in MS office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access). 
  • Fluent in English & Chinese (both Cantonese & Mandarin)

  • Self-motivated
  • Mature, independent & experienced
  • Willing to work under pressure
  • Proactive, detail-oriented, organized.


FedEx Trade Networks提供全球范围内的电子商务、货运代理、进出口服务。通过提供综合国际海运和空运代理、地面运输和分拨、报关代理、贸易和报关咨询服务,以及先进的电子商务和贸易便利化解决方案,我们帮助各种规模的客户解决全球运输货物的复杂问题。


员工 - 服务 - 利润。我们在意我们的员工,所以员工能够提供完美的服务给我们的顾客,由此顾客给予联邦快递足以成长的利润。我们在同业中的成功源自于员工。透过员工 - 服务 - 利润的哲学,我们拥有鼓励员工创新的工作环境,以提供顾客尽所能最高质量的服务。





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