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Manager, Key Accounts and Implementation APAC

Kwai Fong, Hong Kong


Requisition ID: POSTING-3-82191
公司: FedEx Trade Networks APAC
Job Title: Manager, Key Accounts and Implementation APAC
职位申请 ID: RC98188
Unit 801, Metroplaza Tower 1
Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

职位类型: Regular
职位系列: FTN: Operations Management

Job Description

Job Description Summary

  • Assist to lead the Key Accounts & Implementation function in APAC
  • To manage the operational performance and processes on behalf of a number of Key Accounts assigned in APAC.
  • Identify the customer expectation and develop the desk level procedures.  Ensure operations execute and enforcing compliance towards the customer KPI. 
  • Monitor the implementation progress and customer satisfaction level of onboarding new business.  
  • Responsible to lead the Account Implementation process for Complex Accounts at Regional Level.
  • Communicate with Countries, stations and operations head in obtaining market intelligence such as space situation, flight schedule changes, local contractors strike / interruption etc and channel it to customers.


  • Regular customer visits or conference calls for services review, new project implementation and quarter end preparation, new product introduction (NPI) & quarterly services review with assigned customers.
  • Create and disseminate the SOP, and make sure operations aware of and in compliance with the key accounts procedure and KPI.
  • Conduct briefing session to ensure operations efficiency and SOP compliance within the Region.
  • Ensure and manage the execution of Account Implementation smoothly within APAC and provide support to other regions. 
  • Lead the operation team to provide Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions Plan for any operational issues.  To enhance process efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Act as back-up in the absence of Senior Manager, Key Accounts and Implementation APAC in handling the designated key accounts.


44 working hours per week.

  • Bachelor’s degree or +10 years freight forwarding experience (at least 5 years supervisory level)

Experience & knowledge:
  • Seven (7) years professional experience in international transportation coordinating air and ocean transport operations.
  • Two (2) years relevant Key Accounts & Implementation experience preferred
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Applications.

  • Strong basic management, human relations and communication skills.
  • Self discipline and self motivated.
  • Can work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Fluent in English, Mandarin and local languages.


FedEx Trade Networks提供全球范围内的电子商务、货运代理、进出口服务。通过提供综合国际海运和空运代理、地面运输和分拨、报关代理、贸易和报关咨询服务,以及先进的电子商务和贸易便利化解决方案,我们帮助各种规模的客户解决全球运输货物的复杂问题。


员工 - 服务 - 利润。我们在意我们的员工,所以员工能够提供完美的服务给我们的顾客,由此顾客给予联邦快递足以成长的利润。我们在同业中的成功源自于员工。透过员工 - 服务 - 利润的哲学,我们拥有鼓励员工创新的工作环境,以提供顾客尽所能最高质量的服务。





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