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Quality Assurance Specialist

Republic of Korea


Requisition ID: POSTING-3-84023
职务名称: FedEx Express APAC
Job Title: Quality Assurance Specialist
职务申请 ID: RC93670
Republic of Korea

类别: Operations
职务类型: Regular
发布结束日期: 2018-10-28

To promote quality awareness and adherence to corporate assurance programs and procedures so as to improve overall department operational performance.

1. Quality Assurance Management Planning & Program Development

  • Support the identification of gaps in current quality programming through data collection, reporting, and observation
  • Gather, analyze and report findings to monitor performance to management and develop action plans; provide service performance reports and trend analysis to management
  • Establish operations and corrective action plans procedures based on best practices; take corrective and preventive actions
  • Support the development of Quality Management Systems to comply with relevant ISO and customer requirements
  • Develop and communicate standards and quality measures in order to promote quality awareness among employees
  • Lead and facilitate Quality Action Teams; train Quality Action Team members on concepts, develop training materials
2. Quality Audit & Process Support
  • Conduct and maintain ISO/GDP certification; prepare operations for audit, develop corrective action plans for non-compliance situations, provide ISO briefings to employees in order to ensure corporate and ISO compliance.
  • Plan, schedule and conduct internal and external customer audits
  • Conduct process reviews and follow up to identify operational needs, draft methodologies and processes, research best practices and recommend solutions to improve processes.
  • Conduct special safety site audits required for warehousing in certain countries (e.g. tsunami, air pollution, fire)
  • Conduct quantitative analyses relating to quality matters to support the business
  • Design job aids for front-line employees; evaluate effectiveness of corrective action plan procedures and job aids
  • To conduct supplier qualification activities such as supplier quality audit and vendor assessments
  • Implement and maintain necessary ISO-related documentation such as SOP and WI
3. Quality Training
  • Review service performance to determine training needs
  • Design training program and materials
  • Train managers and operations in best practices and continuous improvement
  • Deliver briefings to enhance employees’ awareness and understanding of quality concepts
  • Coach operations employees in service requirements
  • Communicate the impact of quality for employee awareness and understanding
  • Enhance employee understanding of reporting indices and expected standards


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