HR Services Spec


职务名称: FedEx Express APAC
Job Title: HR Services Spec
职务申请 ID: RC90659
Angeles City, Philippines

类别: Human Resources
职务类型: Regular

HRS Spec is expected to facilitate line management (particularly first-level mnagers) towards a high level of employee engagement, and manage their people in line with PSP, hence be an employee and business advocate. HRS Spec is expected to assist the HRS Manager provide effective HK Solutions or recommendations to local and APACHR management relating to manpower planning, employee movement, and policy and legal compliance. HRS Spec is expected to assist line managers hire the right candidate in a fair, professional and effective manner. HRS Spec is ecpected to drive the implememntaion and administration of all HR-related programs that enhances or promulgates PSP. HRS Spec is expected to maange the cost effectiveness of HR Service-Providers (vendors) in line with polocies and procedures.

Must have in-depth undertsanding of the principles and processes in Human Resource (e.g. compensation and benefits,selecton training) and Administration and Project management (e.g. planning and resiurce allocation, time management).

Must have knowledge of local law and regulations, and be proficient in the English Language.

Knowledge of logistic/airline/express transportation inductry is helpful but not required.

Must be proficient in MS Office

Must be able to make decisions, solve problems and conflicts, and negotiate with others using active listening, critical thinking, and persuasion skills.

Must have facilitation skills and the ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing.

Must be open-minded and be able to apply social perceptiveness when guiding/facilitationg/instructing others.


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