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Req ID: RC725261

LH005: Ramp Agent

Facility Operations
  • Company:
  • Category: Facility Operations
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Worker Sub-Type: Regular
  • Scheduled Weekly Hours: 44
  • Remote: No
  • Location: Bulevar del Este, San Pedro Sula, Departamento de Cortés 99999, Honduras


Involves the completion of administrative tasks and coordination relating to the front-line operation which may include data entry, ramp activities, sort activities, trace activities , despatch activities and local customer service. While operational tasks may be part of these roles, the majority of time is spent on office-based activities.

General Job Description:
Under general supervision completed the following activities:
• Coordinates all local ground operations relating to the operational interface between aircraft marshaling, loading, and unloading activities.
• Ensures that trunk aircraft is loaded /unloaded in a safe and efficient manner.
• Completes all related paperwork and manifests in an accurate and timely manner. 
• Computes proper weight and balance of aircraft before take-off. 
• Ensures all ground and ramp equipment is in a proper operating and safe condition through periodic inspection. 
• Drives and operates mechanical ground equipment and instructs ground handling personnel in proper usage. 
• Coordinates any flight delays, overflows, cancellations, and re-routes. 
• Coordinates aircraft servicing with local contractors. 
•Completes and maintains updated records of all related paperwork. 
•Leads and provides technical support to cargo handling employees.  x
•Ensures that all related FedEx policies, rules, procedures, and norms are followed. 
•Provides marshaling for arriving/departing flights and operates ground equipment. 
•Ensures all ramp functions and security procedures are performed in accordance with established FedEx policies and procedures. 
•Conform to airport regulations, transportation security administration, requirements established by local airport.
• Ensures that hazardous materials are labeled, loaded, and well documented before departure. 
• Coordinate migration with local authorities                                                                                                
• Keep required training up to date (Annual)                                                                                       
• Coordinate with the export team the daily cargo operation                                                                 
  Ensure that at the end of the day the ramps are in optimal conditions                                              
• Provide required training for staff (GSE) Coordinate crew tranfer                                                                                                                   
• Maintain operational requirements to be in compliance with internal audits                                                                                
• Might be required to perform other duties as assigned                                                  

Minimum Requirements:
  High School degree/Equivalent.
  Language: Proficiency in English.

Minimum Experience:
  One (1) year experience in airport ramp procedures and aircraft ground support preferred.   

Minimum Required Skills: 
• Knowledgeable of company services and products preferred.
  Ability to lift 75 lbs and to maneuver any single package weighing up to 150 lbs with appropriate equipment.
  Successful completion of approved Company Ramp Agent Training Course.
  Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  Valid driver's license. 
  Accuracy & Attention to Detail.
  Microsoft Office & PC Skills
  Planning & Organizing Skills
  Interpersonal Skills
  Problem Solving Skills