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Flying for FedEx Express

One of the things most people don't know about FedEx is that we operate one of the largest airlines in the world. The difference is that our passengers are packages. We've flown Indy race-cars to Australia, a windmill from Denmark, and Easter eggs to the White House. And the reason people trust us with these deliveries is the impeccable record of our pilots. Without them the global reach of FedEx would still be a dream.

We employ more than 5,500 of the most skilled pilots in the world and provide them with the best technology and equipment ensuring that they can always do their job safely. Our fleet of over 380 jets are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and because we are constantly adding routes and services, our pilots have more frequent opportunities for seat progression. Plus, we are still the leader in this industry that we created over 40 years ago. We offer our pilots something others can't - stability and a history of reliable growth.

Donald Colleran

President and Chief Executive Officer

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