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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How do I apply?

A1: Pilots seeking to join the FedEx Express team may create or update a profile at When an applicant’s profile is selected from the pool for further employment consideration, an e-mail is sent with a link to apply to an open crew member position.

Q2: Does FedEx provide work visa sponsorships for pilot applicants?

A2: No, all non-U.S. citizens must possess a Permanent Resident Card for employment with FedEx.

Q3: How often should I update my profile?

A3: Generally, whenever you have new qualifications or information to report or monthly.

Q4: What if my college degree is from a non-U.S. institution?

A4: Your degree must be evaluated for equivalency by a member organization of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) at

There are several clearinghouses on this website which can evaluate and translate foreign educational credentials. A course-by-course evaluation and equivalency in terms of the educational system in the United States is required. Any NACES accredited clearinghouse is acceptable to FedEx Express and you may base your selection on cost and convenience.

All NACES accredited organizations charge a fee for this COURSE-BY-COURSE evaluation which normally includes the cost of submitting a final report to FedEx Pilot Hiring. The fee is non-refundable and is your responsibility.

Q5: What is FedEx’s endorsement program?

A5: FedEx values its current crew members and encourages their involvement in the recruiting process. FedEx accepts endorsements from active pilots.

Q6: Do I need an endorsement from a current or retired FedEx crew member to be considered for employment?

A6: No, an endorsement is not required for employment consideration.

Q7: What is the interview process?

A7: FedEx currently has an interview process that includes remote computer based testing and a 1 day in person panel and situational-based interviews.

Q8: What if I have a question or concern that is not addressed here?

A8: Send questions or concerns to


Q9: What are the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) clearance requirements?

A9: FedEx Express Pilots must be granted SIDA clearance to access secured areas of airports and are subject to the requirements of 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1544. These requirements include an employment history and passing criminal background checks, including an FBI fingerprint-based criminal history check.

Q10: Are any regulatory requirements optional?

A10: No, all stated regulatory requirements are mandatory, minimum qualifications. They include: current airline transport pilot certificate; current first-class medical certificate; radio-telephone operators permit; valid passport; SIDA badge eligibility; successful completion of pre-employment drug test; and successful completion of a Pilot Records Improvement Act evaluation.

Flight Hours

Q11: How does FedEx define Pilot in Command (PIC)?

A11: For minimum qualification purposes, PIC is defined as Captain/Aircraft Commander of record, not simply the sole manipulator of the controls. FedEx considers only pilot time in fixed wing aircraft toward minimum qualifications, and does not include simulator, helicopter, flight engineer, bombardier, navigator, RIO, EWO, WSO, NFO, or Special Crew.

Q12: Does student time count toward total flight hours?

A12: Yes.

Q13: How do I account for military sorties?

A13: Only enter the number of sorties in the applicable sortie fields. A sortie is defined as a takeoff and a landing. The number of sorties will automatically be converted to flight hours based on the conversion factor of 0.30 and reflected in the flight hour summary table within your profile.

Q14: Does FedEx consider any single engine turbo-prop aircraft weight-equivalent to multi-engine turbo-prop aircraft, 12.5k lbs. or heavier?

A14: Yes, the T-6 Texan II and Pilatus PC-12 are considered weight-equivalent aircraft to meet the minimum requirements. Pilots of these aircraft, exclusive of other experience, may count this time.

Q15: Does FedEx consider any multi-engine turbo-prop aircraft to be jet-equivalent?

A15: Yes, the C130, Q400, P3, ATR 42/72/92 and a few other large turbo-prop aircraft are considered jet equivalent to meet the minimum requirements. Pilots of these and certain other aircraft, exclusive of other experience, may count this time. If an aircraft is not listed, contact us at to see if your time in it qualifies.

Q16: What about flight time in the Osprey V-22?

A16: FedEx considers it to be an aircraft equivalent to a multi-engine, turbo-prop weighing 12.5k lbs. or greater. Pilots of this aircraft, exclusive of other experience, may count this time.


Q17: What do I do if my account is locked?

A17: Please send an e-mail to indicating that your account is locked.

Q18: When I type in my job description (or reason for leaving), I can enter a few sentences but when I review or print my entries, the text is cut off. Do I need to enter less information?

A18: No, everything entered in the job description is visible to the recruiters. You do not need to limit the characters being entered.

Q19: What do I do if the wrong resume is uploaded?

A19: You may upload a new resume. Only the selected resume (listed under "Uploaded Files" on the Resume tab) is submitted with your profile. You should also be able to delete any resume you no longer want to be associated with your profile.